Application of Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

TMVT Vacuum Boosters dramatically reduce process time by achieving faster evacuation. They also reduce power requirements. It can also achieve higher values of vacuum if required.

Some of the industries where Mechanical Vacuum Boosters is used as follows:
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical industries: Degassers, Evaporators, Crystallizers, Vacuum Distillation, Vacuum Filters, Rotary Vacuum Dryers, Evacuation, Dehydration
  • Food Processing industries: Vegetable oil processing, Sugar refining, Vacuum Packaging of meats, Freeze Drying, Poultry Evisceration, Vacuum Cooking, Deodorization, Dearation,
  • Vacuum Furnace industries : Degreasers, Vacuum Metalizing, Heat treating, Hardening..
  • Industrial Processing: Light Bulbs manufacture, TV tubes Manufacture, Filing Automotive Fluid Systems, Drying Textiles, Sterilizers Evacuating, Central Systems for Electronic Systems. Holding & Chucking. Glass coating