Application of Roots Blower

Twin / Three Lobe Roots Blower

Industry: Aluminum

Pneumatic conveying of aluminum oxider and other dry bulk raw materials. Installations work in pressure and vacuum mode and are stationary or portable (e.g. barges and gantry type ship unloaders). Capability in pneumatic conveying system design.

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Application of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Vacuum is very much a part of industrial life today and it is difficult to conceive of any chemical or process plants where vacuum is not used to increase the efficiency of the process. The applications of vacuum are increasing daily with advances in technology.

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High Vacuum System

TMVT Mechanical Booster Vacuum Systems are designed engineered and manufactured in our State-of-the‚Äďart modern manufacturing facility. Systems are suited to a wide range of applications.

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Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

TMVT Vacuum Boosters dramatically reduce process time by achieving faster evacuation. They also reduce power requirements. It can also achieve higher values of vacuum if required.

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Turbo Blower

TMVT introduces Turbo Blowers. The machine is equipped with high pressure. AIR Bearings and computer Assisted Energy Efficient Axial Impeller

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