TMVT Mechanical Booster Vacuum Systems are designed engineered and manufactured in our State-of-the – art modern manufacturing facility. Systems are suited to a wide range of applications.

A vacuum Booster can be backed by various types of Vacuum pumps such as Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Rotary oil sealed, Rotary piston, Reciprocating piston pump, Dry screw pumps, water/steam ejectors etc.

Liquid Ring Vacuum systems can be configured with Lobe type Boosters to maximize flow at lower vacuum levels. Equipped with single stage liquid ring backing pumps, the systems are offered as air cooled models. These are available in Direct Driven versions with or without VFD Drive wherein capacity can be varied as per the choice. Each system is specifically designed to meet customer’s requirements for capacity, final vacuum and material of construction.

The systems operate initially with the vacuum pump pulling down to maximum vacuum, followed by the cut in of the booster to maximize the flow.

The key advantage of systems using booster is that they provide high flow rate with minimum power.

TMVT Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2008 company
    Capacity : 270 to 5000 M³/Hr.
    Pressure Range : Booster - Water Ring Pump combination - Up to 10 Torr