Three Lobe Roots Blower :

TMVT Three Lobe Roots Blower are new 3MTL series Roots type Blower. Rotors are manufactured on high precision CNC machines ensuring high performance. Owing to ‘THREE LOBES' Rotor design, the reverse flow pressure variation period is only 2/3 of that of a conventional ‘TWO LOBES' rotor, the peak pressure is also lower. So the noise and pressure pulsation are greatly limited.

Features Of Three Lobe Roots Blower :
  • Discharge pressure pulsation is reduced, so lighter loading of bearings and timing gears ensures the long servicing life.
  • Oil Chamber is separated from main chamber. Hence air is oil free.
  • Bearings on drive and driven sides are lubricated by oil
  • Construction simple and hence easy maintenance.
  • Less back flow. Hence Volumetric Efficiency increased.
  • Stable air flow rate
  • Lower vibration. Less vibration transmitted through the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life
  • Three lobes design efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5dB