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The T. Maneklal group is a third – generation family – owned group of companies started by Mr. T. Maneklal in 1948. TMVT, a group company was established in 1991 by Mr. Yogesh T. Maneklal in a single machine factory, TMVT today is one of India’s leading and most experienced manufacturers of Twin and Three Lobe Roots Blower and Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps which we supply to major Blue Chip Public Sector companies and Private Sector Corporates all over India and internationally.

Backed by the best in the industry, we provide effective solutions to our customers by offering them specialized and tailor-made products such as Most Energy Efficient High Speed Gearless Turbo Blowers and Extremely Superior High Vacuum Systems.

With numerous design features, the widest capacity range available at fiercely competitive pricing, we can certainly match the demanding air and gas handling market requirements. 

We provide the highest level of services, combining a talented management team with more than 50 years of experience in the blower and pump industry and a hardworking and dedicated support staff.

At TMVT, we are proud of our legacy but we remain continuously focused on the future with new collaborations, partnerships, investments, facilities and employees to help us become aligned with our commitment to continuously invest in customer-centric product development and expansion to insure that our customers have the most state-of-the-art solutions. 

Mr. Ashutosh Maneklal, TMVT’s Chairman and Managing Director, attributes the company’s evolution and growth “to the hard work and commitment of our employees, the strong relationship we have with our supply chain, distributors and customers and our dedication to continuously deliver more value through our tailor made engineering solutions. Defying odds we manufacture success everyday.


Our strategies for growth – Set global benchmarks and remain a market leader through established applications and customized state-of-the-art solutions for high-tech industrial processes and services to meet the strong demands of both domestic and international markets. Our portfolio of products plays a role in serving every sector in the industry from construction to packaging.


Your productivity is our business. We provide a holistic methodology that is tailor-made, top quality and cutting edge for Air and Gas handling solutions in the pumps, vacuum and blower systems to increase productivity for our customers.

Roots Blowers are available in the following types

Three Lobe Roots Blower

3MTL Series Air and Water cooled

Twin Lobe Roots Blower

MTLK Series Air cooled
ETP Series Air cooled
M Series Air cooled
MP Series Water cooled

High Speed Turbo Blowers are available in the following types

WL Series

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors are available in the following types

Cone type Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

LRV Series

Single Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

LRV/LRK Series

Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

LRVD Series

High Vacuum Systems are available in the following types

Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

SS Series

High Vacuum Systems

EH Series

Head Office

Manek Mahal, 5th & 7th Floor,
90, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate,
Mumbai – 400 020, INDIA.
+91(0)22 22830060/68



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