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  1. TMVT Oil Free Roots Blowers are used for below applications:
    • For pumping of Biogas: These are generally used in biogas lines to boost the gas pressure to meet the burner input demand.
    • Conveyed air mixed with products to enable easier material handling.
    • Blowers compressed air is used for farming and planting applications i.e. lettuce planting.
    • Milk Production – Compressed air is used for milking cows in the Dairy industry.
  2. High Speed Turbo Blowers for supplying air to human waste treatment facilities in the agriculture and stock breeding sectors.
  3. Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers are used to reduce temperature of compressed air or other gases.

    Three Lobe Roots Blowers

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    Twin Lobe Roots Blowers

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    Shell And Tube Type Heat Exchangers

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    High Speed Turbo Blowers

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    Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

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