Applications of High Speed Turbo Blowers

Engineered to touch your life everyday!
  • For blending & conveying of powdered materials such as cement, pellet, etc. by feeding compressed air to transfer line.
  • For Aeration, Agitation & Back-washing in Water & Waste Water treatment plants.
  • For Dehumidification, drying, coal gasification & flue gas desulphurization in Power plants.
  • For supplying air to human waste treatment facilities in the agriculture and stockbreeding sectors.
  • Air knife for plating process in continuous galvanizing line.
  • Air knife for the manufacturing process of TFT-LCD, Cell, Module, Colour Filter, etc.
  • Transfer of Ethylene powder to storage in the process of oil distillation in Petrochemical plants.
  • For the supply of process air in Chemical plants.

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