Applications of Hose/Peristaltic Pumps

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  1. Applications in Water Treatment :
    • Dosing of Sludges, Slurries, Activated carbon, Lime milk, Sodium hypochlorite, Ferric chloride, Polymers, and Flocculants.
  2. Applications in Chemical Industry :
    • Dosing of Pigments, Water-based paints, and glues, Resins, Detergents, all types of Acids and Corrosive chemicals.
  3. Applications in Food/Beverage/Cosmetics Industry :
    • Pumping/Transfer of Yeast, Oil, Juices, Sauces, Wines, Additives, Colourings, Flavourings and Enzymes.
  4. Applications in the Ceramics and Construction Industry:
    • Dosing of additives, colourings for the cement and very abrasive products such as barium carbonate and potassium permanganate.
    • Transfer of ceramic barbotine & of low-density cement.
  5. Applications in the Mining Industry:
    • Transfer of mineral pulp, sludges, slurries, and dosing of polymers.
    • Dosing of cyanide, xanthate, and reagents.
  6. Applications in the Paper Industry:
    • Dosing of chemicals, paint, lime milk, additives, colourings and transfer of glues.
    • Transfer of paper pulp.

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