Boosting Efficiency: Roots Blower Applications in Industrial Wastewater Treatment

August 15, 2023by tmvt_admin0

Boosting Efficiency: Roots Blower Applications in Industrial Wastewater Treatment

August 15, 2023by tmvt_admin0

Wastewater treatment plants are the unsung heroes of environmental preservation, which
have been working diligently to cleanse industrial wastewater and play a prominent role in
safeguarding our ecosystem. These treatment facilities are tasked with the responsibility
purifying industrial wastewater, adhering to strict environmental standards set by the Govt.
To achieve these goals, with minimum operating expenses is a challenge, and many
industries have embraced cutting-edge solutions to meet the target efficiently and one such
indispensable innovation is the Roots blower. This blog delves into the pivotal role Roots
blowers play within wastewater treatment plants, their applications, advantages and key
considerations, all while spotlighting TMVT, a premier Roots Blower Manufacturer at the
forefront of this transformative technology.

Understanding Roots Blowers

Roots blowers, which are also known as rotary lobe blowers, are positive displacement
machines used to move air or gas through a system. The design of a Roots Blower consists
of two interlocking lobes that rotate without contact, thus creating a continuous flow of air or
gas. This is ideal for applications where consistent flow of air is required.

Three Lobe Root Blower

Roots Blower Manufacturer – TMVT

At the forefront of Roots blower innovation is TMVT, a renowned Roots Blower Manufacturer
in India who specialises in the design and production of high quality Roots blowers. With
years of experience and with a great commitment to excellence, TMVT has become a
trusted name in the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for industrial wastewater
treatment needs.

Roots Blower Applications in Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Here are some key areas where we can find Roots Blower Applications:

1. Aeration Systems: One of the primary applications of Roots blowers in wastewater
treatment is in the aeration systems. They provide a steady supply of air to biological
treatment processes, such as activated sludge systems and aerobic digesters. This in turn
promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms that break down the organic matter in the

2. Diffused Aeration: Roots blower Applications in aeration systems, is to diffuse air to the
wastewater plant. This transfer of air enhances the oxygen transfer efficiency, thus
facilitating the aerobic degradation of pollutants.

3. Biogas Recovery: In wastewater treatment plants with anaerobic digesters, Roots
blowers are primarily used to collect and transport biogas generated during the digestion

4. Air Sparging: In air sparging systems, Root Blowers inject air into the contaminated
groundwater or soil to enhance the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through a
process known as air stripping.

5. Vacuum Filtration: Roots blowers are employed in vacuum filtration systems in order to
remove solids and contaminants from wastewater, ensuring the effluent meets discharge

6. Ozonation: In advanced wastewater treatment processes, Roots blower application is to
introduce ozone into the wastewater, which aids in the breakdown of persistent organic

Benefits of Roots Blowers in Wastewater Treatment

Roots blowers offer several advantages in the industrial wastewater treatment process:

1. Reliability: TMVT, a renowned Roots Blower Manufacturer in India, ensures the highest
standards of reliability in their blowers, which minimises downtime for your wastewater
treatment processes.

2. Steady Airflow: Their positive displacement mechanism ensures a constant and
pulsation-free airflow, which is critical for consistent wastewater treatment performance.

3. Energy Efficiency: Roots blowers are an energy-efficient addition, also contributing in
cutting operational costs over the long term.

4. Low Maintenance: Root Blowers usually require minimal maintenance and have a longer
service life compared to some other aeration technologies.

5. Customization: TMVT, as a leading Roots Blower Manufacturer, offers customized
solutions to meet the specific needs for different wastewater treatment processes.

Three & Twin Lobe Root Blowers from TMVT

TMVT introduces the new 3MTL series of Three Lobe Roots Blowers and the renowned
TWT Twin Lobe Roots Blowers MTLK/MP/ETP Series.

In the 3MTL series, the innovative THREE LOBES Rotor design reduces discharge pressure
variation, thus minimizing vibration, noise, power consumption and extending component
shelf life. Having a capacity ranging from 5m3/hr to 60,000m3/hr, these blowers consistently
offer oil-free air, stable airflow. Moreover, minimal vibration increases the bearing life by
20%. Their simplicity aids maintenance, while the three lobes design reduces noise by about

TMVT’s Twin Lobe Series has served efficiently in the market for 3 decades, and includes 18
models of MTLK type, suitable for diverse industries. They handle pressures up to 1 Kg/cm2
(Single Stage) and 2.2 Kg/cm2 (Double Stage). Suitable for Gas as well as Vacuum Duty

(Up to 600 mbar). Precise machining, acoustic hoods for noise reduction and effective
lubrication enhance their performance and durability.
In Conclusion
TMVT’s Roots Blowers offer exceptional efficiency and reliability for the wastewater
treatment process, solidifying their pivotal role in Root Blowers applications. Incorporating
these blowers ensures compliance with environmental standards, cost-effective operations
and a quieter work environment. TMVT’s commitment to cleaner and greener industrial
processes makes them a valuable partner for industries and wastewater treatment facilities. Get in touch to explore how we can help you.



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