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  1. TMVT Oil Free Roots Blowers are used for Pneumatic conveying of raw meal, cement, kiln dust, limestone, coal powder. Installations work in pressure and vacuum mode and are stationary or portable (e.g. barges). Capability in pneumatic conveying system design. Blower (1000 mbar / 14.5 psig) are used extensively.
    • Other applications include:
      • Blending – raw meal
      • Aeration – raw meal and cement
      • Combustion air – kiln and burner
    • Power Generation:
      • Many cement plants generate their own coal-fired power plant. Blower is used for coal dust and fly-ash conveying and pollution control flue gas desulphurization processes (oxidation).
  2. Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers are used to reduce temperature of compressed air or other gases.
  3. High Speed Turbo Blowers are used for blending & conveying of powdered materials such as cement, pellet, etc. by feeding compressed air to transfer line.
  4. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are used for Fly Ash conveying applications.

    Three lobe Roots Blowers

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    Twin lobe Roots Blowers

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    Shell And Tube Type Heat Exchangers

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    High Speed Turbo Blowers

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    Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

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