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  1. TMVT Oil Free Roots Blowers are used for following applications:
    • Waste water treatment:
      • Municipal raw sewage or industrial organic wastes such as food products are aerated to feed microorganisms with the dissolved oxygen necessary to digest waste byproducts. Fine, coarse and membrane filtration technologies bubble aeration systems. Blower are also used for filter flushing, grit tank cleaning, backwash operations and gas recovery. Oil-free compressors are ideal for deep cell aeration system to supply air at pressures up to 1 bar. Positive displacement Blower permit energy optimization under variable flow conditions by means of variable frequency drives (VFDs). Typical speed turndown of 3:1 is possible, temperature permitting.
    • Bio-gas recovery and re-circulation:
      • The gas composed primarily of methane but containing traces of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is also known as digester gas and landfill gas. It is produced through the natural breakdown of organic material or accelerated breakdown in waste water treatment plants. The gas is either flared to reduce pollution, re-circulated within a process, or used as a fuel to power generators and other internal combustion engine driven machines. This gas is both explosive and corrosive – TMVT has supplied many biogas blower.
    • Soil hydrocarbon and solvent vapor extraction:
      • The extraction takes place for soil remediation purposes. Pressure or a combined of pressure and vacuum machines are used to draw air through the contaminated area to evaporate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are carried into the air-stream for recovery or immediate disposal. Hydrocarbons may include petroleum products and industrial solvents accidentally spilled from tank vehicles or leaked from fuel storage tanks.
    • Drinking water purification:
      • 100% oil-free Blower supply air to ozone producers and filter flushing systems.
  2. Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers are used to reduce temperature of compressed air or other gases.
  3. High Speed Turbo Blowers for Aeration, Agitation & Back-washing in Water & Waste Water treatment plants.
  4. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are used for the treatment of water applications such as Aeration of waters, flushing of filters, water degasification (sewage treatment) chlorination.

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