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  1. TMVT Oil Free Roots Blowers are used to supply 100% oil free air to various food process i.e. beverage, meat packing, poultry, etc. Principal application is pneumatic conveying in both vacuum and pressure modes to handle the transfer of dry bulk materials such as flour, salt, sugar, grain, spices, chocolate and milk powder, and other natural and man made food processing dry materials used in the food industries.
    • Materials are transferred to and from railcars, silos, hoppers and other bulk transfer components.
    • Capability in pneumatic conveying system design.
    • Vacuum is used to operate packaging machines and handle final products.
    • Many food manufacturers operate waste water treatment facilities to decontaminate process or sewage water and treat organic waste.
  2. In this large scale use is made of Liquid Ring Machines as vacuum pumps and compressors as below:
    • Degasification of Mineral water
    • Bottling industry
    • Deodorization of Salad oils and fats Sterilization of tea and spices
    • Production of sweets
    • Sausage production
    • Powder conveying
    • Dehydration
  3. Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers are used to reduce temperature of compressed air or other gases.
  4. High Vacuum Systems are used for vegetable oil processing, sugar refining, vacuum packaging of meats, freeze drying, poultry evisceration, vacuum cooking, deodorization, deaeration.

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