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  1. TMVT Oil Free Roots Blowers are used for Aluminium and Galvanizing Industry.
  2. High Speed Turbo Blowers used for below applications:
    • Air knife for plating process in continuous galvanizing line.
    • Air knife for the manufacturing process of TFT-LCD, Cell, Module, Colour Filter, etc.
  3. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are used for below applications:
    • Evacuation System- Dust Material etc.
    • Conveying Powder
    • In Plastic Industry for drawing off and compressing Vinyl Chloride (VC) gas, extrusion degasification, vacuum calibration.
    • In Tobacco industry for Humidifier applications.
    • Wood Industry : 1) Wood drying plants
    • Pulp and Paper Industry : 1) Dehydration of paper webs 2) Paper coating
    • In Clay and ceramic industry for Brick production, Porcelain pressing , Drying and degasification of concrete.
    • In Automobile Industry filling of radiators, brakes, hydraulic systems.
    • In Textile Industry for hydro extractor.
    • For other applications priming centrifugal pumps, catalyst loading , unloading, gas boosting.
  4. Hose/ Peristaltic Pumps are used for below applications:
    • Dosing of chemicals, paint, lime milk, additives, colourings and transfer of glues.
    • Transfer of paper pulp.
  5. High Vacuum Systems are used for below applications
    • For Electronics, Furnace and Industrial Processing.
    • For light bulbs manufacture, TV tubes manufacture, filing automotive fluid systems, drying textiles, sterilizers evacuating, central systems for electronic systems, holding & chucking, glass coating.
  6. Mechanical Vacuum Boosters are used for Electronics, Furnace and Industrial Processing.
  7. Our Machines are adaptable to individual client specifications.

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