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TMVT introduces the revolutionary High Speed Gearless Turbo Blower, equipped with the state-of-the-art Non-contact Air Bearing and High Precision Direct-coupled Aerodynamic Impeller. The machine is driven by the Latest Energy Efficient Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. The rotation speed is varied by the optimally customized Variable Frequency Drive to control the flow or pressure. Real-time monitoring of the complete system is done by the Programmable Logic Controller having a user friendly touch screen Human Machine Interface built in a sound proof enclosure package.

Some Salient Features

  • Our Turbo Blowers have a capacity ranging from 300 M3/Hr. to 38,400 M3/Hr. and pressure up to 1.2 Kg/cm2
  • No need for extra lifting devices, special foundations or time-consuming alignment procedures; compressor tested and ready to use after local adaption and start-up procedures.
  • Due direct drive, there is no transmission loss, no lubrication and no oil-seals required.
  • As the rotor of the motor has built-in permanent magnet, power is required only to rotate the shaft and not for magnetizing of rotor.
  • Permanent Magnet motor being a synchronous motor, has no slip and hence efficiency is high which helps to save energy by up to 45%.
  • Due to non-contact air foil bearings, there is extremely low vibration and noise with no need for oil lubrication.
  • The pressure, temperature, air flow, motor RPM, motor power consumed, etc. are measured and displayed at the touch LCD monitor.

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