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TMVT Mechanical Booster Vacuum Systems are designed engineered and manufactured in our State-of-the – art modern manufacturing facility. Systems are suited to a wide range of applications. In case that all ranges of stand-alone primary pumps are not enough for certain level of process vacuum capacity and/or ultimate vacuum, or process conditions require extra treatment of pumping vapour or gas, i.e. in order to trap condensates, powders, it is necessary to be combined with booster pumps, single stage or multi stages as necessary together with other accessories like condensers, receivers, knock out ports, filters, control panels, etc. TMVT is ready to provide optimized total package solution and will deliver package performance as required in order to enable customers to safely run pumping systems then reach the process yield.

Capacity: 605 to 8640 M³/Hr.
Pressure Range: Booster with Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Combination 3 Stage 7.5X 10 -4 Torr.

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