Three Lobe Roots Blowers

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TMVT introduces the new 3MTL series of Three Lobe Roots Blowers having a capacity of 5 m3/hr to 60,000 m3/hr for discharge pressure up to 1 bar and vacuum up to -0.5 bar. Owing to ‘THREE LOBES’ Rotor design, the discharge pressure variation is much lower compared to that of a conventional 2 lobes Rotor, resulting in less pulsation, thereby reducing vibration, noise, power consumption, and increasing the life of rotating parts like bearings and gears.

Some Salient Features of TMVT Blowers:

  • Discharge pressure pulsation is reduced, so lighter loading of bearings and timing gears ensures the long servicing life.
  • Oil Chamber is separated from main chamber. Hence air is oil free.
  • Bearings on drive and driven sides are lubricated by oil
  • Construction simple and hence easy maintenance.
  • Less back flow. Hence Volumetric Efficiency increased.
  • Stable air flow rate
  • Lower vibration. Less vibration transmitted through the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life
  • Three lobes design efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5dB

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