Twin Lobe Roots Blowers

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Some Salient Features

  • TMVT make Twin Lobe Roots Blowers(MTLK / MP / ETP Series) are enjoying tremendous reputation in the market since about 3 decades.
  • Complete range of 18 Models of MTLK type covers requirements of various industries of divers nature.
  • Suitable for different pressure up to 1 Kg/cm2 in Single Stage and up to 2.2 Kg/cm2 in Double Stage. Also suitable for Gas Duty as well as Vacuum Duty (Up to 600 mbar).
  • Machining: All components are machined to very accurate dimensions with extremely tight tolerance with guaranteed interchangeability. The Castings of Casing and Main Covers (Bearing Housing) are stress relieved after pre-machining for dimensional stability at elevated temperature.
  • AccousticHood: A drastic reduction of the noise level to 10 to 12 db(A) at 1 M distance is possible by employing a sound insulating hood, which can be opened to allow inspection. This hood can also be retrofitted without modifying the insulation.
  • Lubrication: Both sides of the side casings are oil filled. All bearings and gears are splash lubricated. This increases the life of bearings and gears.
  • Testing: All the Blower are individually tested with Test Procedure based on IS-10431/IS-5456-Rev. (BANGALORES-726/BS-1571-Part-II-Rev) for capacity, power consumption, temperature rise noise level as well as vibration level.

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